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Arsenic content:0.0003max CLO2:0min PH value(1 water solution):8-9.5
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chlorine dioxide
Product Details
Place of Origin: Shandong ,China
Type: Water Treatment Chemicals
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Minimum Order Quantity:  1MT
Payment Terms:  TT,LC ,D/P ,westernunion

Product Description

                                                                                     Chlorine Dioxide

Main Ingredient:
chlorine dioxide: 10%(w/w)
 This product is a kind of white powder and becomes yellow-green clear liquid with a little chlorine smell after solution in water.
Application Scope:
This product is a stable chlorine dioxide medicinal powder,and can extinguish the bacterium, the fungus, the virus, the spore and deodorizes.It has many merits like non-toxic,no residual, convenient storage and usage and so on.It is applied in the animal cultivation domain such as raisement environments, Livestock,the tap water, the labor appliance and so on .It can effectively prevents most kind of animal diseases which is caused because of the above pathogenic microorganism's violation, for example poultry's virulent disease, poultry's bacterium disease, poultry's fungus disease, nosotoxicosis,coccidiosis and other diseases.More importantly is that it do not have the antibiotic nature, and improve animal's disease-resistant ability and self-recovering ability.Additional it can process poultry excrement to effectively deodorizes .
Approach of Usage:
1.Before animals entering into domestic ,livestock or hen house should be ventilated.After ventilation or exposing to sun,spray the inside and outside of the livestock;Spray or wipe the utensil.
2.Spray at the prepared forage outer packing to disinfect.
Dosage :
[Usage Quantity]
Preparation of mother liquid:
put one packet(10g) product into 1g water(notice: pouring water into the powder is forbidden ), stir for 5~10 min and obtain 1g mother liquid whose concentration is 2000mg/L.Dilute the mother liquid as the table:
Disinfection Object
Dilution Ratio
Usage method
Livestock inside enviroment 1:10 100 Once a day Spray until moisture
Sick period enviroment 1:5 200 One in morning and another in twilight Spray until moisture
Drinking water for hen,duck,goose 1:250 4 When drinking Prepare or concott when using
Young pig,cow,beef cattle 1:250 4 When drinking Prepaire or concott when using
Sick perod drinking 1:160 6.3 When drinking Prepare or concott when using
Poultry eggs,Breeding eggs,hatching room 1:10 100 10 minutes Spray or wipe
Operating tools and instruments 1:5 200 10 minutes Spray or wipe
Deodorization and disinfection on excrement 1:4 250 Once a day Spray until soaken
Operater handwashing 1:12 83 5 minutes Dry after immersing
Work clothes 1:12 83 5 minutes Natural dry after immersing
1.It is best to add 1g product(solute in water ) into 20kg forage for pig or cattle and stir averagely
2.Environment disinfection should be carried out in the morning or afternoon to avoid sunshine
3.This product will not be mixed together with other medicines to use.
1. It is easy to absorb moisture,,so the packing should not be opened before using and used up at once.
2. It should used in the dark, cool, dry and ventilated place with plastic containers or ceramic containers
3. It should be stocked in the place that is dark,dry,and acid and alkali avoided.
4. It is strong oxidant, action in transport,storage and use must in accordance with relevent national regulations
5. When too much medication is used,more water is needed.IF you get medication in your eyes, wash them with clean water as soon as possible.
Packing:1000g/bag ,40kg/iron drum ,25kg/fiber can