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Drinking water and health

2014-5-19 8:49:33

In water pollution , human health, water has become invisible killer ,World Health Organization (WHO) survey80% of the world due to the disease caused by contaminated drinking water ;50% of child deaths worldwide are due to contamination of drinking water ;1.2 billion people around the world due to contamination of drinking water and replacing a variety of diseases ;There are 25 million children worldwide die from drinking contaminated water caused by the disease each year ;The number of cholera due to water pollution caused by the world , infectious diseases such as dysentery and disease over 5 million . ...Pollution due to the major diseases are caused by :

1 , cancer

Cancer Research found that cancer is a long-term accumulation of harmful substances in the body fluids inside and outside cells and cause tissue damage , resulting in acute exacerbations ; and spread of cancer cells in body fluids is also carried by other diseases, inflammation , etc. is also due to cell harmful substances in the water caused .


2 , stones

Recognize liver function is to decompose the synthesis of a variety of nutrients into the body necessary nutrients from the blood to the heart , in the heart of the delivery of nutrients to the organs and sixty trillion cells through the blood vessels . Kidneys filter is back from parts of the body blood , mixed with a lot of waste and impurities, filtered through the kidneys , excreted from the urethra . Then there are often a part of the impurities accumulate in the body , over time it will cause all kinds of stone disease .

3 , cardio-cerebral vascular sclerosis

Long-term drinking unclean water , and some contaminants will settle in the vessel wall , accelerated cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sclerosis. Hypertension, heart disease , cerebral thrombosis and other diseases , and long-term drinking unclean water has a direct relationship.

4 , fluorosis

Long-term drinking fluoride water can cause poisoning, excessive intake of fluoride in bone calcium in the bones will be converted , resulting in human bone osteoporosis or softening , the poet can hunched serious incapacity . Children from 7 - 8 years before the tooth surface dull, black off, once formed residual lifetime .

5 , digestive diseaseE.

- gastroenteritis, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, cholecystitis , etc. ;Salmonella - typhoid, paratyphoidTo Shigella - bacterial dysentery , etc.Hemolytic streptococcus - hemolytic jaundice

6 , diseases caused by excessive heavy metal

Lead - nephropathy, neuropathy , leprosy , etc.Arsenic - Shin by inflammation, acute poisoning and even death ;Cadmium - skeletal deformities, back pain , poisoning, red blood cell disease ;Phosphorus - organophosphate poisoning , breathing difficulties ;Calcium - stones , gout , etc. ;Mercury - neurotoxic disorders , mental disorders, cancer , etc. ;Chromium - kidney chronic poisoning , causing kidney dysfunction , cancer , etc. ;

7 , other diseases

A wan halides such as triclosan , a fluorescent material - carcinogensRadiation foreign body - change the body to produce human disease genes corresponding disease ;Pesticides, fertilizers , herbicides , nitrite - the accumulation of toxins , toxic hepatitis , hepatitis , nephritis, urinary system diseases.

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