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Drinking five errors

2014-5-19 8:48:55

First, most water safe?
Many people think that drinking unboiled water to be sick for a long time , so be sure to drink water. Of course, this contaminated water for the past few terms , after
An effective means of disinfection , but there are also a lot of negative effects: if
1 , only the water to kill bacteria and some viruses, bacteria and viruses are killed in that the still water in the dead ; medicine into the body turned into
Say " body heat " , a common clinical " nameless fever" reasons and more from this .
2 , the water in the heating process , the loss of too much oxygen . Along with " Gulp " boiling phenomenon , the basic oxygen in the water have played out, people
The body needs calcium, magnesium and other minerals has become a scale deposition Hudi . Cool open irrigated flower dead fish dead fish this is common sense, is not conducive to people to drink boiled water
Body of oxygen. Metabolism is not conducive to long-term consumption .
3, in the process of boiling water can not get rid of excessive heavy metals in water , scale and carcinogens .
4, aluminum or iron containers made ​​of boiled water , water nitrite nitrogen ( a strong carcinogen ) will be increased significantly. Data reported with iron
When boiling water containers , water nitrite increased 2-3 times , but with an aluminum container to boil water , the water boiled with nitrite extension of time
The significant increase in fees and cook five minutes to ten times the raw water , boiled fee increased to nearly 20 minutes after a hundred times ......

Second, drinking bottled water is convenient and safe?
With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of water , many families bought bottled water. But as for bottled water into about understanding, we also found
Many problems.
1 , some manufacturers in order to save costs and simplify purification methods , resulting in water protons pass . Individual manufacturers actually put water directly poured into the barrel, the stockings Mongolia
On tap , this water will not cost more than two dollars, sold to consumers became 8-10 yuan .
2 , bucket failed, some buckets of blood transfusion actually using discarded bottles, disc raw material ! Meet the health standards bucket price of 35 yuan, while the back
Received on the old dark bucket made ​​of plastic costs only about $ 8. Such a high post , how can we not make people jealous .
3 , fresh water is not guaranteed to the extent that water is fresh , the better the more active , even some families a week to run a bucket of water , you need to pay attention to are:
Should try to run a variety of bottled water 2-3 days after opening , otherwise the bacteria into the air , can cause excessive bacteria in the water !
So many people spend money on bottled water is not so much to buy a security , rather buy a safe feeling. So, to say on bottled water , for its invention on
Mobility -intensive office space to solve Chin water is an effective tool. But bottled water is easy for families to aging, can not guarantee fresh water .

Third, the lack of minerals and trace elements in pure water it?
No nutritional drink pure water , no trace elements, in fact, this argument does not adequately clinical validation and corresponding theoretical basis :
1 according to medical knowledge , the water in the body plays mainly " transport carrier " role , the body only through the water to the human body needs nutrients
Quality delivered to the internal organs and 60 trillion cells, while the human endocrine system out of the body . Therefore, the water has to maintain cell shape and improve the new Chen
Metabolism , not mineral intake body !
(2) China Environmental Hygiene monitoring water quality expert Yang Zhenbo said: "The fact that only living plants to absorb and utilize inorganic substances from the soil by
Organic matter can be absorbed by plants transformed human and animal , almost no one from the inorganic minerals in nutrition , no one can effectively apply
Inorganic minerals in the body . For example: if the body should feel a lack of calcium intake ( carbon, organic calcium ) from the milk or calcium . Ingested and can not be
Minerals absorbed through the liver, kidneys and other body organs removed, so that the internal organs to bear the extra burden. This is also the cause of a number of chronic diseases
Important reason . "
3 content of calcium in a glass of milk is equivalent to 1200 cup of mineral water , the iron content of the iron content of a pound of beef is equivalent to 8300 cup of mineral water , a glass of orange
Juice contains minerals beneficial to human health , 500 times higher than the untreated water. These illustrate the true nutritional supplement drink instead of relying on food
Water ! Do not think an Italian water nutrition . This is a great misunderstanding.
4 M.D. China , nutrition experts Wenjun said: Long-term drinking water ( activity ) can make urinary system disease incidence decreased 60% , cardiovascular
Download 40% incidence of the disease incidence of cancer by 20 %.

Fourth, drink mineral water benefits the body healthy?
We believe that everyone has in mind , mineral nutrition , there are minerals that the body can absorb . Actually not , most of the inorganic minerals in the water
Of inorganic minerals can not easily be absorbed by the body , according to reports : physiological concentrations of trace elements in the human body and the toxic dose is very close , trace elements than excessive intake
Into less harmful to the human body more , so the physiological health experts point out that trace elements can not mess up . Although a certain amount of mineral trace elements,
If microelements have been met , supplemented in, much in the blood vessels , intracellular deposition , resulting in trace element metabolism disorders, increased kidney negative
Tam prone to kidney stones , urinary stones and gallstones.
Experts have pointed out that the human body contains too much water will cause unnecessary burden minerals , and some minerals can not be absorbed by the body , if
Long-term accumulation of body , will directly affect human health. Strictly speaking , mineral water as a beverage , only intake of 500 ml per person per day . If excessive ,
It contains fluoride on the human body is quite unfavorable , or even have serious consequences. So, no matter how good mineral water , there can only be as a beverage , and pure water
If not, it does not adversely affect the human body , but can help excrete toxins.

Five " generations do not drink pure water , do not they still alive? "
Remark wrong , not knowing alive and living law is not the same , one soil to raise one person , because the water pollution caused by the disease and from suffering . I
Country and the country 's water resources over time are reducing day by day , and people on the water , but the amount of increase day by day , high-speed hair human society Technology
Exhibition today, waste and destruction of water resources severely polluted water resources , without timely treatment , it will bring disaster to us humans !
Big long residence time of water pollution , destructive of , is self-evident . Many contaminated areas , natural destruction of the food chain , a vicious cycle would
Produce many endemic , such as Keshan disease, a large bone eye, thyroid , and other dental fluorosis . So from now on to develop a correct concept of modern water
We are the future of the human race is extremely important and far-reaching significance and healthy !

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